* Known as the tallest man in Canada.
* Born in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada - where he still resides today.
* Discovered working as a bouncer in a local bar, and went on to act in his first feature film; Humongous.

* Professional wrestler "Paul Bunyan of the North" and "Canadian Giant".
* Competed all over the world, including Canada, the USA and Japan.

* Trained actor, stunt performer/coordinator, and bodyguard.
* Second Dan Martial Arts in karate.
* Professional motorcycle stunt rider.
* Voiceover work.

* No stranger to makeup and prosthetics, has even been in the hands of the late special effects genius Stan Winston.
* In the well received horror film Wrong Turn, played the biggest of three disfigured brothers.
* Has been in multiple movies with action star and Tae Bo inventor Billy Blanks.

* Very active in a number of charities (Humane Society, Child Find, Tears for Exotic Animals, and runs a soup kitchen for the less fortunate).
* Ran for mayor of St. Catharines, and also for a position on the Merriton Council.
* Made sure that education was a main priority, and has a college degree to add to his resume.
* Loved and respected by all who know him (family and friends).
* Has been referred to as "a jack of all trades".

* Has a passion for motorcycles and can be seen driving in the city on his own beautiful bike.

* The Robbins family siblings all have rhyming names; Terry, Larry, Shari, Barry, and Garry.
* Behind every good man is a good woman, and when asked he always says the love of his life, mother Helen (who was lost recently, and deeply missed).

* Has appeared in numerous commercials over the years.
* His filmography lists most of the movies, television shows and comedy programs he has appeared in.










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