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The Love Guru

Garry and his motorcycle club are pounding back some brews when a nerd spills his drink on him.  With his leather vest now soiled, he becomes enraged.  Unfortunately for him, this geek is a lot tougher than he looks.




After making a difficult arrest on a mammoth biker, officer Henry Oak (Ray Liotta) waits for the man to be brought into the station in cuffs.  Oak places a pool ball inside of a wool work sock and ambushes him.  Not only does he break Garry's jaw in the film, but also in real life.  Being a professional (and one hell of a tough guy), he finished the scene before getting proper medical attention.






My Date with the President's Daughter (TV)

Duncan tracks Hallie down at a biker bar.  As he attempts to forcefully remove her from the establishment, he angers a few of the club members - which includes a gigantic man named Skull.  The only thing that might be able to get them back in a pleasant mood, is Duncan's magic talents.









The Stupids

Stanley Stupid (Tom Arnold) believes his garbage is being stolen each week, so he decides to track it down one day.  He arrives at the city dump, where a secret meeting has been setup to demonstrate and sell military weapons to shady individuals from around the world.  One of those men is Garry, who doesn't quite speak Stanley's language.









Balance of Power (Hidden Tiger)

At a tournament featuring some of the world's most elite fighters, one of the biggest black belts in existence works his way up the ladder.












Gladiator Cop: The Swordsman II

During an investigation into a deadly underground fighting league known as "Game", officer Andrew Garrett (Lorenzo Lamas) infiltrates the roster and begins ascending the ranks.  There's only one very big hurdle in his path; a brutal killer known as Mongol.






TC 2000

Master Sumai (Bolo Yeung) is travelling underground when he stumbles upon a man abusing his wife and child.  Stepping in to teach the man some manners, he doesn't realize that he's an absolute giant.  The master may just wish he'd left the family alone.






Back in Action

Former Green Beret (Billy Blanks) is out to save his sister from her mobster boyfriend and his cohorts.  A long the way, he has multiple encounters with a tower of a man.  They not only battle under a dilapidated bridge in the middle of an enthusiastic crowd, but also aboard a tanker loaded with barrels of fuel.
















Due South: The Witness

Constable Fraser (Paul Gross) purposely gets arrested in order to help out his friend Ray during his stay in prison.  Amongst the inmates is Carl, the big man on campus.  He's an intimidating force, to say the least.  But as time goes on, he may just be the only thing that can save Fraser from some other unsavoury characters.






Due South: Call of the Wild pt.1

When a foe from the Fraser family's past shows up in Chicago, the Constable manages to track down one of the men recently spotted.  The evidence?  His massive shoe print, with the logo of a local hotel clearly visible.  Big Toe Blake had been fired for stealing, and took his boots with him when he left.  It took two experienced officer's to take him down and bring him into the police station.  During an intense interrogation, Blake provides them with information that could help bring in the man they're looking for.



Wind at my Back: The Champ

A new wrestling show arrives in town, and Mike the Mauler is the largest athlete involved.



The Adventures of Sinbad: The Monster

Garry portrays a gentle giant named Uruk, who is being controlled by a powerful sorcerer.  When the magic collar around his neck is activated, his free will is completely stripped.  Sinbad (Zen Gesner) and his crew are congratulated for capturing the man, but they feel as though something isn't quite right.  They help escort Uruk safely to his judgement, but other forces soon intervene.















Goosebumps: You Can't Scare Me

There's a local legend of a Mud Monster in town, and two young boys are determined to frighten a girl in their class by pretending to be one.  But while waiting for her to show up at the swamp, the real evil decides to make it's presence felt.  Some legends do turn out to be true...






The Kids in the Hall: Season 3, Episode 11 - "Stay Down"

Simply enjoying a beer with some friends at a bar, Garry is tapped on the shoulder by Bruce McCulloch - a man half his size.  He's looking for a fight, and just so happens to choose the largest man he can find.  Garry has no trouble taking Bruce down, over and over again.  But no matter how much punishment is dealt out, the little guy with big determination just won't give up.










Forever Knight: Blood Money

Being an oversized doorman, Garry has no problem getting into vampire-detective Nicholas Knight's face.






The Twilight Zone: Crazy as a Soup Sandwich

A man makes a deal with a demon in order to strike it rich at the race track.  The only problem is, the winning horses all become disqualified after winning for various reasons.  The money is gone, and the gangster the man borrowed it from is itching to collect.  When he explains that a demon screwed him over, they go in search of it.  A woman working at a hair salon summons Volkerps for them, but he doesn't take too kindly to being disturbed.







On a secluded island, lurks a monster.  The demented son of a woman who was raped many years ago.  Her offspring was the byproduct of that traumatic event.  She may have been killed during that attack, had it not been for her dogs coming to her rescue.  As a result, she had more love for them than for her unwanted child.  The years of neglect and emotional abuse created deep hatred, which would be unleashed on innocent animals in the surrounding woods.  But when a group of friends wash onto the island after a boating accident, his rage finds a new target.