Wrong Turn is one of those rare horror films that not only garnered genre fan appreciation, but also critical praise. Quite often when a fright flick is applauded by the critics, it acts as a "kiss of death". Hardcore gore fanatics generally bang heads with the suits writing reviews, and it could sway their opinion of a movie completely. If someone like a Roger Ebert or Peter Travers enjoys a horror movie, than it can't be violent or bloody enough to appease genre buffs who have an appetite for that icky red stuff. Yet, somehow, it spoke to both sides of the fence. With a great cast of young actors, a well written screenplay, brilliant special effects makeup by Stan Winston Studio, and enough deaths to keep anyone happy, Wrong Turn became a classic in 21st century modern horror. It's gone on to spawn multiple sequels, and continues to offer a fun source of entertainment for fans everywhere. Though it may be called Wrong Turn, it's hard to argue that they definitely made a Right Turn with this one.  




Late, great special effects mastermind Stan Winston.  His studio was responsible for creating the monsters and props.


Garry went under heavy makeup to portray the biggest brother of the twisted trio; Saw-Tooth.




Julian Richings played the smallest, but most psychotic, of the clan; Three Finger.


Ted Clark was the middle-child, a slow moving but powerful man called One-Eye.




The beautiful Eliza Dushku finds herself in the mountain men's home.


Desmond Harrington goes over a local map.




Emmanuelle Chriqui takes refuge on the branch of a massive tree.


Jeremy Sisto gathers his courage and investigates the wooden cabin.



The family wheels.  A rundown, yellow truck that helps get the brothers around in style (or lack of).